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About the Bainbridge Hershiser Holdings Group

Investor Profile:We are seeking “Qualified Client” investors interested in the opportunity to participate in a fund with a diverse real estate portfolio.

Lending Criteria: As an alternative to traditional bank financing, We will offer short term, first position financing on low loan to value loans, across the United States. These loans will build a national portfolio and will consist of multiple commercial and investment property types. These loans will be based on a maximum of 65% of market value, will generate at minimum a gross IRR of 13% and have hold period of 12 months.

We are a real estate executive group with a broad wealth of experience in consulting, equity investment, mortgage lending, real estate transactions; as well as asset and fund management.

For over the past 2 years, traditional lending institutions are seeing property values going up, delinquency rates and charge offs reducing and a record number of loan applications. These factors, combined with new loan originations projected to top $200 billion annually by 2016 and over $200 million annual worth of loans scheduled to reset over the next 2 to 3 years.

National lenders are backlogged with applications and challenged to issue approvals due to their stringent underwriting guidelines, this factor is creating a overwhelming demand for short term alternative commercial lending. In order to take advantage of this lending re-birth, the fund managers have developed a first trust deed fund, called the Bainbridge Hershiser Income Fund.

This fund will have two specific missions. The first one will be to attract investors who want to diversify their investment portfolio with real estate debt. The second will be to become a national resource for borrowers who need an alternative option for a short term loan.

Leveraging the capital investments with low loan to value, short term loans will allow the fund to offer a
valuable alternative lending product, build a national portfolio with equity and produce attractive returns
for the investors.

With commercial property incomes and values once again supporting borrowing, commercial real estate lending has been reawakened.

Jamie Woodwell, Mortgage Bankers Association

Lending Strategy

As a alternative lending source with it’s own proprietary approval guidelines, the fund will manage mortgage originators, underwriters and servicers to evaluate loan scenarios and property values that are best suited for the fund portfolio. For all loans that meet the underwriting criteria, the fund will utilize private investor’s capital, through the Bainbridge Hershiser Income Fund to secure the property in a first trust deed to build a quality income producing portfolio.

Lending Terms

The fund will offer 6, 12 and 18 month terms for a purchase, refinance, refinance cash out and escrow holdbacks, all with a maximum loan amount of 65% based off of today’s market value.

Underwriting the Applicant

We will conduct a thorough review of the borrower’s background, debt load, confirm their ability to make monthly payments, and exit strategy to pay off the fund’s first trust deed buy the projected maturing date.

Underwriting the Property

A fund representative will do a site visit on all properties, We will evaluate area conditions and market trends, review of 3rd party appraisals, property condition and rehabilitation requests will be calculated as well as confirm current and future revenue projections can be achieved


The fund will lend on these property types

  • Single Family investment and second homes
  • Single family homes in need of rehabilitation
  • Multiple family homes
  • Apartment complexes
  • Retail commercial
  • Office commercial
  • Light industrial / warehouse
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Self storage facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Investor Advantages


    The investor preferred return is paid out first, before any manager incentive fee is paid out.


    The manager incentive fee is paid based on deployed capital and only distributed after the preferred return is paid out to the investors.


    Fund expenses are limited to operational costs such as CPA, financial audit, legal council
    and state license fees.


    The fund portfolio will have loans in multiple states on a variety of property types. All investors will have an equal participation with each loan.


    Loan deployment is limited to a maximum
    cap of 15% capital raised, into any one
    real estate transaction.


    Based on today’s market value the fund will
    have a max loan to value of 65%.


    Bainbridge Hershiser Holdings Group has a depth of experience in transactions
    for variety of real estate asset types that include:

    Single family, multi-family, second home, investment properties, industrial, office, commercial,
    mixed use, second home, urban and off airport parking, hospitality, property
    rehabilitation, and property management.



     Billion in
    Proprietary Investments 


    Billion in
    Managed Portfolio Assets


    Million in
    Real Estate Transactions


    Million in
    Trust Deed Transactions


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